Liquid Concentrate Neutral Detergent


Liquid concentrate neutral detergent for general cleaning in food industry.


Vital-Clean is a neutral liquid detergent product which contain high contents of wetting agent for all general purposes cleaning in food processing plant .

Vital-Clean is an manual cleaning liquid detergent which can be used for most of the equipments surface for all food industries ; beverage, brewery, dairy, meat processing, sea food, etc.

Vital-Clean does not corrode any kind of materials ; stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum, soft-metal alloys, plastic, etc.

Vital-Clean is very good emulsifying for fat and oil specially when rising up of temperature.

Vital-Clean is very good rinsibility property which is very easy to rinse off after the application.

Vital-Clean can be used as hand cleaning detergent without any irritation. 2-3 ml. of Vital-Clean needed for this hand wash application.

Vital-Clean application for manual cleaning of process equipments such as belt, table, tray , utensil, etc. 2-5% of Vital-Clean is needed. Higher concentration can be applied in case of heavy soils.


  • Neutral pH, no irritation
  • Environment friendly ; Phosphate free.
  • Good emulsifying and soil penetration property
  • Easy to rinse off.
  • No corrosion effect to all materials