Liquid Detergent


Liquid concentrate neutral detergent for general cleaning in food industry.


Soiless-12 is an alkaline, acid free product with high contents of wetting agent which can be used as hand cleaning detergent without any irritation.

Soiless-12 is used as general cleaning agent for all food industries ; beverage, brewery, dairy, meat processing, etc.

Soiless-12 is very good emulsifying for fat and oil specially when rising up of temperature.

2.0–3.0 % w/w of Soiless-12 is recommended for manual application (brushing or scrubbing).

0.2-0.3 % w/w of Soiless-12 is also used as an additive to alkaline soaking solution to improve the soil penetration power.

Soiless-12 is very good rinsibility property which is very easy to rinse off after the application.


  • Neutral pH, no irritation
  • Environment friendly ; Phosphate free.
  • Good emulsifying and soil penetration property
  • Easy to rinse off.
  • No corrosion effect to all materials