Liquid hand soap with sanitizer


Liquid concentrate neutral detergent contains sanitizing agent for general application in food industries.

Soapitizer is contained of special detergent sanitizing agent which developed for food industries.


Soapitizer is an alkaline, acid free product with high contents of wetting agent.

Soapitizer is used as hand washing detergent for all food industries ; beverage, brewery, dairy, meat processing, etc.

Used 2-3 ml. of Soapitizer, rub all over your wet hands and then rinse with clean water.


  • Neutral pH, no irritation.
  • Phosphate free detergent ; good for environment.
  • Good emulsifying property.
  • Excellence microbial controlled.
  • Good rinsibility.
  • No corrosion effect on all materials.
  • Excellence soil penetration power.