Liquid caustic additive for single phase CIP in the food processing industries. FL-7 contains highly complexing, sequestering special wetting and foam suppressing agents.


Usage concentration of FL-7 is depended on the level of water hardness; 1o dH required 0.025% of FL-7. FL-7 can be used as an additive to strong alkaline products ; HT-50 or HT-20 for improvement of CIP performance. For cold milk area ; Milk reception tanks , Tanker and cold milk pipe lines. Single phase cleaning can be obtained by using 0.4-1.0% FL-7 plus 2-4% HT-50 circulation at 70-80 C for 20-30 minutes.(No acid CIP required) For milk pasteurizer and UHT units ; FL-7 can be applied as the additive to alkaline products (HT-50) during alkaline washing step. Generally 0.4–0.8 % of FL-7 is recommended in additional of 2-4% HT-50 with circulation time of 30-45 min. at 85-90 C. FL-7 can be feeded via the metering pump in the proportioning ratio to alkaline products (Dosage control by conductivity)


• Improve cleaning performance.

• Exellence soil penetration & suspension.

• Saves time and labor.

• Cleaning cost saving.

• Environment friendly.