Decentralized System

Water Booster Pump


Cleaning your facility and process equipment effectively and efficiently requires an intergrated solution that is reliable and easy to use for your operations.

  • Fast cleaning.
  • Food safety.
  •  Saving cost ; water, chemical, time and labour and increasing available production time.
Foam Station

Model : NTM-09DR (Double Rinse)

Description : NTM-09DF (Double Foam)

  • One ss foam box.
  •  One ss spray sanitizer box.
  •  Two separate injection for chemicals.
  •  Two adjustable chemical concentration valves.
  •  Two ss non return valves for chemicals.
  •  One ss non return valve for air.
  •  Two set of ss quick couplings.
  •  Two gallons with holders.
  •  Dimension (WxLxD) : 400x630x200 mm.