General Liquid Detergent


Liquid concentrate detergent for general cleaning in food


Brink is neutral detergent product with high contents of wetting agent which easily remove dirt, soil and grease.

Brink is used as hand washing detergent and general cleaning agent for all food industries ; beverage, brewery, dairy, meat processing, seafood, etc.

Brink is very good emulsifying for fat and oil specially when rising up of temperature.

1.0-10.0% of Brink is recommended for manual application (brushing or scrubbing).

Brink is very good rinsibility property which is very easy to rinse off after the application.


  • Neutral pH, no irritation
  • Environment friendly ; Phosphate free.
  • Good emulsifying and soil penetration property
  • Easy to rinse off.
  • No corrosion effect to all materials.